Miracles of the Past

There are few people who believe they will ever see a miracle today, and it appears to be true. Even the miracles of the past that have been widely touted were only witnessed by a few, but their tale has spread and grown over the ages. It can be difficult for many to even define what to believe could be a miracle, so that could be part of the issue. Those who have a concrete idea of what it is may still go all their lives without witnessing one.

For those who prefer a concrete definition, a miracle is an event that is not explicable by the science or physical laws known today. While it could be argued that there are still physical laws of the universe not understood by mankind, it matters little. An event that no one can explain is still one that can be attributed to a higher power or unseen agency. It would have a great effect on those nearest to it, and it would be reported heavily in today’s world.

The miracles that have been claimed in the oldest religious doctrines have often been subjected to scientific scrutiny, and those doing the peering work to come up with reasonable explanations using the science of the time. Those who have faith often ignore their conclusions, and they continue to believe the record of the past is accurate. For those who have questioned former miracles, scientific explanation gives them a grip on what happened in a rational way they can understand.

Documentation from any source is often suspect, and former incidents proclaimed as miracles have often turned out to be hoaxes. For those who believe there is a rational explanation for any occurrence today, there are still a few mysteries left that experts are working with to uncover the underlying science. They might eventually be explained, but those with deep faith will tend to still believe they were caused by the act of an unseen force.