Welcome to St Peter's Music Society

We used to be entirely connected with St Peter’s Church, Budleigh Salterton. From the beginning of 2014 we are now a separate organisation with a slightly revised name. We have, however, retained St Peter’s in our name for two reasons. Firstly we are grateful for the help and support we have received over many years from St Peter’s Church and secondly, a complete change of name just confuses people, in particular our supporters!

But our aim has not altered at all. You will find that set out quite clearly in the paragraphs headed History on this page.

A number of times each year from Spring to Autumn we promote a concert in our lovely town, generally in a church. If you click on the links on the right you will find details of this year's concerts, the churches and how to find them, where to park and how to buy tickets in advance.

Why have we made this change? About 10 years ago our Bank Account was closed and our Finances were absorbed, though still clearly identified, into the St Peter’s Church accounts. It became clear in 2013 that this arrangement was no longer working satisfactorily, so we negotiated a deal that provided for us to be separate from St Peter’s Church. This required that we became a charity with our own banking arrangements. This meant that we have to create our own Constitution, which we are in the course of doing, and have Members. We have formed a new Committee to deal with all these aspects. The new Constitution, when agreed by the Charity Commission, will be published on this website.


At present a single Membership of the Society is obtained by purchasing tickets for at least two concerts at a discount for the 2014 Season, but it can be for more concerts, giving a greater discount. This gives membership of the Society to that person for the 2014 Season and the opportunity to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting to be held at the end of the season. This arrangement is temporary for the time being and may be altered after the end of this first Season. See the Tickets page.


St Peter's Music was started in 1994 by the then Vicar, The Revd Robert Gibbs and the Director of Music, Sylvia Pritchard. The intention was to provide regular concerts, mainly, but not exclusively, chamber music, to enable local residents to enjoy serious music without the need to travel to Exeter. Since then the organisation has changed little and the aim not at all. There is some emphasis in the programming to feature younger musicians as in the first three concerts this year. A regular concert by Exeter School is not in the programme this year but they should be back again next year.

Since we began we have welcomed many well known names. The Takacs Quartet, well-known pianists Paul Lewis, John Lill and Peter Donohoe have played for us in the past, as well as the Chamber Ensemble of St Martins in the Field. Famous clarinettist Emma Johnson and the Endellion Quartet. have performed for us. Richard Baker, once the front man of BBC News, has appeared twice and last year BBC star Timothy West featured with the English Piano Trio.


This year we are presenting several up and coming artists, including flautist Rachel Smith, ‘cellist Philip Higham and Polish pianist Agnieszka Pluta as well as our old friends The London Concertante making their fourth, we think, appearance in Budleigh Salterton. The first two of these concerts will be at The Temple Methodist Church and the remainder at St Peter’s.

Stop Press

It is with regret that Agnieszka Pluta has hurt one of her hands and is therefore unable to play on Wednesday 24th September. We wish her a speedy recovery. We are pleased to announce that we have been able to replace her at short notice with Anthony Hewitt, a well-known and experienced British pianist. There has, however, had to be a change of programme. This is now listed on the concert page for that date.